Pearls NFT
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Pearls goal as an NFT project is to gather in one place the most interesting, brightest and ideological personalities. Most importantly, our project is for the people! We don't lie about being cool guys, no, we are ardent NFTs and Crypto enthusiasts, who share a burning desire to create the greatest and most supportive NFT community ever.

We are tired of the endless commercialism that surrounds us everywhere, and tired of the rules dictated by our modern society. Our project shares crucial values and principles that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology allows us to achieve.

- Complete political decentralization - Censorship resistance - Transparency - Privacy and anonymity - Security - And most importantly Global access and public governance Those are the mains values we will implement in our project.

Our NFTs Collection were originally launch on multiple blockchains: Solana, Polygon and ETH, but under new management have decided to push full force on the Polygon blockchain.

The pearls NFT collections will be used as a core mechanic in our project, those NFTs will give you different rights, perks, and access to different features, and most importantly allow you to participate in all our events such as giveaways, airdrops, whitelist memberships, NFT Collection Pass etc...

Pearls NFT is also planning on releasing its own token

More details will be shared very soon, but to reward our most early, loyal and ardent supporters, a secret snapshot was taken and all wallets holding 15+ Pearls will be airdropped free tokens upon release.
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